A New Year for Melted

The past few months have been a literal whirlwind.  I know some may be wondering why Melted fell off the map for a little bit so I’d first like to apologize for the recent inactivity.  With the Holiday shut down and our new managing partners Matt & Miller getting geared back up, we have been in a holding pattern.  However, our new staff is gearing up for a re-launch party!  The re-launch of Melted is scheduled for January 28th at the Blue Owl Brewery on East Caesar Chavez. We want to invite everyone to come out and celebrate Melted getting back to the business of supporting IJM!

Because I haven’t blogged in a while, I’d like to shine some light on what IJM has recently accomplished.  In December of 2013, a group of Indian traffickers captured a group of 14 people and tried to force them into bonded labor in a brick kiln.  The group luckily escaped, but two men were recaptured.  The two men were tortured, starved, and held captive for nearly a week until one night they were forced to choose between loosing their head, a leg, or a hand- they both chose a hand.  After the men’s hands were chopped off, they bravely escaped and walked hours to seek medical help.  Once the two men’s story got out, IJM immediately got involved and has been supporting public prosecutors in the legal case as well as providing urgent aftercare.  Sadly, just after graduating from IJM’s aftercare program in August 2016, one of the men passed away from a sudden medical condition. 

On Christmas Eve, after years of waiting, a judge convicted all eight of the suspects in custody for charges including kidnapping, trafficking, bonded labor, slavery, and attempted murder.  All eight were sentenced to life imprisonment, which is the longest sentence ever given in an Indian bonded labor slavery case.   These kinds of breakthroughs are the strides that make the difference and actually deter other criminals from committing heinous acts against the poor.   These are the kind of accomplishments that are bringing justice to the oppressed.

Please join us this Saturday as we celebrate Melted’s new year!